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To find the most popular locations in Paris without people, photo sessions are usually conducted early in the morning. Therefore, shooting, as a rule, begins at 7.00 — 8.00 AM in spring, in summer and in autumn, 9.00 — 10.00 AM in cold months.

1 hour — 180 € — you have time to change 1-2 locations and its surroundings and get 60 retouched photos.

2 hours — 350 € — 2-3 locations and 110-120 retouched photos.

3 hours — 520 € — 2-4 — locations and 160-170 retouched photos.

In one hour we will have time to shoot one image (in case you plan several shifts of clothes). Photo you receive in 10 days, not including the day of the photo shoot. Perhaps earlier. The opportunity to receive your photos without the queue, for 3 days + 80 €. The photographer reserves the right to publish photos, post on the site and use them in his portfolio. If you do not give permission to publish a photo, then + 50 € to the cost. This condition is stipulated BEFORE the beginning of the photo session.

The photographer does NOT give the client all the sources of the photo session in RAW format. If you want to receive the entire photo session, the photographer sends you all the photos in JPG format in the maximum resolution. The cost of the service is 50 €.

Photos are given to the client in basic retouch – framing, correction of exposure, color correction, white balance, elimination of minor imperfections. Deep retouching on the selected photos is possible – correction of skin defects, imparting volume to hair, figure correction. The cost is 7 € for 1 photo.

The dates and time of the photo session can be booked by writing to me at

The selected dates are hold for you after prepayment of 50 € which is included in the total cost of the photo session. You can pay with PayPal, or by transfer to a bank card. The prepayment is not refundable if the photo session was canceled by the client. The prepayment is returned in full, if cancellation occurs through our fault.

Preparation for a photo shoot

It is worth carefully preparing for a photo shoot. You can take with you some additional accessories – an umbrella, champagne and glasses, letters, numbers (if the photo session is timed to a birthday or an important date).

Pay special attention to your clothes. It should advantageously emphasize the dignity and carefully conceal the shortcomings of your figure. Clothes should not be mint, as it will be noticeable in the photo!

For the photo session in Paris a dress will look the best on you. Also you can rent a dress for a photo shoot at our place.

If you want Love Story photo session or Family photo session, pay attention to the fact that the clothes of all participants in the photo session should be combined with each other. This should not be the same color, but it’s important that all the things you selected be in harmony with each other in the photo.

It is also very important to be dressed according to season. If it is autumn or wind outdoors, and you are in a summer dress on shoulder straps – you will freeze and feel uncomfortable. Goose-flesh on the hands is also very clearly visible in the photo! To look at ease and naturally in the photo, it is important that the chosen attire does not bring you discomfort. Don’t forget the accessories!

Makeup and hairstyle must necessarily be carefully thought out, because in any case the photographer will take pictures close-up. So it is better to hide the defects of the skin in advance with the help of competent makeup, than to look for a way to retouch them in the photo! This is an observation made thanks to the great experience of the photographer. If you are not sure that you will cope with this on your own, apply our make-up artist and hair-dresser (this is the same person) for help. Our master will make you the perfect make-up and styling based on your wishes and features of your appearance. Examples of works and prices you can see here.

If you have any questions, contact me via, or use the feedback form.

Gift Certificate

A gift certificate is a great opportunity to make a real surprise for your dearest person. You can order not only a photo shoot, rental of a wonderful dress, but also makeup and styling from our stylist-makeup artist.
Pay attention to our new service – an Express look!
The cost of the certificate depends on the options you choose. Together with the certificate we will send you a letter where the services you paid will be written, the chosen dress and the number of hours of the photo shoot will be indicated.

All certificates are personalized. The certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of payment.

The certificate and letter can be sent to you in electronic or paper form, of your choice. When sending a paper version, delivery is paid by the customer. If you choose the electronic version of the certificate, it will be enough to print the certificate received by e-mail and the attached letter and give it to the photographer before the photo shoot.