Wedding photoshoot in Paris is a dream, perhaps, of all the newlyweds. And what will remain a dream for many, for you it will become a reality.

Shooting does not have to take place on the day of the wedding, you can arrange this holiday before or after the wedding. Honeymoon in Paris? Why not to combine it with a wedding photo session? It will be truly UNFORGETTABLE! Our professional make-up artist and hair stylist will create the perfect makeup and hairdress for you on this special day.
The duration of the photoshoot is 1 — 3 hours. The price:

1 hour – 180 €
2 hours – 350 €
3 hours – 520 €

If the wedding will held in Paris and you wish the photographer stay with you all day, at the wedding ceremony and banquet — the cost is to be negotiated individually.

We also offer you to use the services of our driver for quick and comfortable movement between locations during a photo session. The price is 50 € / hour or by agreement if you rent a car for the whole day.

Before start, be sure to read this information.

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